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Our goal was to build a headset with a unique, slim, over the ear design without compromising on the sound and performance. Our listeners can enjoy a lightweight, comfortable headphone coupled with immersive sound perfect for any environment such as the gym, airplanes, their favorite coffee shops, and more.

Listen to your favorite tunes in ultimate style with this amazing Bluetooth headphones from BIYATO.

The BIYATO high performing headphone has up to 8 hours playback time with noise and echo reduction and an on-ear control panel hosting volume, skip track, pause, play,with an integrated microphone to pick up phone calls and use voice command on your Bluetooth paired device. The dynamic speakers have a strong base that delivers intense and clear sound, finished with a high quality soft leather design and extendable and flexible headband for ultimate fit and comfort.


Our motto - Product
with a mission!

With extensive support, the creators behind the BIYATO headphones created a mission to not only to be a leading brand in the audio technologies industries but also to give back and support our military troops, veterans and first responders. Every order placed with BIYATO is automatically allocated to contribute to military charities we support. (To find out what charities we support and to make separate contributions please visit our charities page)

We strive each day to make our community a better place with the mission set forth that will set us apart from the rest of the industry



Billboard artist, producer, Navy veteran, and former athlete, B. Taylor has  been deemed ‘the Stevie Wonder of Hip Hop;’ by Smokey Robinson and The Miracle’s, Pete Moore. He has been endorsed by the Motown Legends and the iconic Cash Family of country music for his unique talents as a Hip-Hop artist, producer and songwriter. After serving The United States Navy and making a remarkable change from the NFL , he pursued a career in music. B. Taylor has become “A Global Ambassador & Advocate for the U.S. Military, Veterans, First Responders & their Families” by integrating music, art, health, and wellness to support our nation’s heroes.
BIYATO Headphones were a concept designed to match the versatility and quality expected by B. Taylor and the companies and people who endorse him.


Our motto - Product
with a mission!

As a No. 1 Billboard charted musician, writer, producer, and artist, music has become the pinnacle of B. Taylors career and life. With this in mind, he set out design a headphone that boasts incredible sound quality, long-wear comfort, and a sleek design that pairs perfectly with any surrounding, and that is where BIYATO was conceived. Deep base, strong sound, and an immersive musical experience.

Music has been seen as healing for many over the centuries. BIYATO and 1 Life Organization strive to use music to help veterans who suffer in so many ways to find a creative and beneficial outlet to increase their quality of life. Your love of music and contributions go directly to impacting the lives of US Military Members, Veterans, and their families.